1) 9 is the largest single number digit.
I decree exceptionally pleasant big things to happen in your life from today, in Jesus name, amen

2) 9th Month is the normal month of delivery of pregnancy.
I decree that your long awaited breakthroughs shall bring forth safely now, in Jesus name, amen.

His Mercies are Great, just soak yourself into it by turning back to Him wholeheartedly, not Man. He will use Man but that is all.

3) The 9th Hour is the Hour of Prayer.
I decree , by the mercy of God, you shall receive answers all your prayers, in Jesus name,amen.

The Grace of God is so sufficient that all you Need to do is believe.

4) At the 9th Hour Christ said, *it is Finished*
I decree an end to all the works of darkness in your life, in Jesus name,amen .

5) At the 9th Hour Cornelius saw a vision.
I decree that angels of good tidings shall appear and deliver your pleasant packages to you, in Jesus name,amen.

6) There are 9 indivisible seeds in the fruit of the Spirit.
I pray that the totality of the fruit of the Spirit shall speak forth in your life, in Jesus name,amen.

7) The 9th Tribe of Israel is Issachar.
*And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do;.. 1 Chr 12:32*
I decree, from today you will do the right thing at the right time, in Jesus name,amen.

8) Whenever any number (except 0) is multiplied with 9 and you add the result together, it sums back to 9.
I decree, all the efforts of the enemies to scatter your destiny, shall end up in futility, in Jesus name,amen.

9) 9 is a symbol of fruitfulness.
I decree that from today, you shall be fruitful in all areas of your life, in Jesus name,amen.

God created Man to have power and dominion. You and I have that Power. Use it to decree and declare into your life inthe name of Jesus, not any other.

READ YOUR BIBLE EVERYDAY. Do NOT let any minister of God (called by themselves) with sweet manipulative coated tongue deceive you with words.

God’s Words are Ye and forever. Not  MAN!!!!!!

As we sanctify and soak our prayers in the blood of Jesus, God will over answer our prayers in Jesus mighty name, amen

Peace and Love

Your Sister in Christ Jesus FTA

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