Balm of Joy Foundation RURAL OUTREACH IN NIGERIA Delivery of 100 Conjoined Tables and Chairs to a local school in Nassarawa State

This is how met the children, no tables, no chairs.
Balm of Joy Foundation decided to make a little contribution towards the children’s comfort.

We met with the local carpenter, had meetings on price and what to make for the children through our Brother at Nassarawa, Evangelist Daniel

The next step was the making of the conjoined chairs and tables

Half-way through the making of the conjoined chairs and tables

As the products are being made, they were lifted to storage for safe keeping because of the torrential rain.

The School as it is

The delivery.
It was meant as my surprise birthday gift to them but we had to deliver on time because of the need by the students once they got wiff of our plans.
God bless our children in Jesus name, amen

The excitement of the children cannot be explained.

We delivered 🙌 😀 to the children with Love in our hearts.
We were able to give a little snack and drink.

Please DONATE to these village schools.
You will be blessed.

Peace and Love, FTA
CEO/Founder, Balm of Joy Foundation


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