BOJF and FTAM supports Narh Gabriel with a wheelchair in Accra Ghana.

Honestly, I DO NOT how to begin to write this story, all I can say is thank you Lord God Almighty for using me yet again to put a smile on this particlar boy’s face in this season.
This video right here is my own Christmas present. I’m so blessed 🙌 to have done this, you don’t understand hmm
Narh sent me a video message.
I was touched 🥲
I cried. I’m such an emotional 😢 person Koraaaaa, don’t mind me.
His Words resonated deep within me.
It struck a cord.
He spoke good English.
He spoke with manners and gratitude.
I was like No, I have to drag the resources to buy that wheelchair.
It was hard because it’s quite expensive.
My Cameroonian Sister, Judith Mocoche-Koouam had just given us a little something.
I just added it and voila, I bought the chair.
I asked the FTAM Coordinator, Ernest Ansong, to call him and his family to ensure it was what he wanted, the size and the wheels.
The rest as they say is history.
I too struggle in giving but am able to overcome some fears and do it, especially when it is my salary I use to do all the works of God to support others.
Narh Gabriel is from Agomeda, Accra Ghana.
You may wish to support him also.
His desire after the wheelchair, is to continue his education.
Please be your Brother and Sister’s keeper.
We all need someone, and someone NEEDS us.
Be safe in this season.
Covid-19 and Omicron is Real.
Take care of yourself please, wear your masks and wash your hands.
I Remain Your Sister in Christ Jesus
Peace and Love, FTA
CEO/Founder, Balm of Joy Foundation
Founder, FTAM Evangelical Mission Outreach

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