Children are a blessing from God Almighty

Today, and every day, May God’s Mercy visit every broken, destroyed, unhappy, struggling home in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

I don’t understand why people still reject the sex of a child in the current age of enlightenment and knowledge?

Who gives children, God, me or you? Do you seek me for the fruit of the womb or is it not written that none shall be barren?

The sperm of the male fertilizes the egg of the female, but the Chromosomes of the man ultimately determine the sex of the Child. If the man’s swimmers do not carry Y Chromosomes to the woman’s Ovum, the outcome will always be a girl child.
How dare you reject a child?

You better ask for FORGIVENESS from God so that you DO NOT incur his wrath and/or anger, For It is terrible indeed.

Do you know how many homes are childless?

Do you know how many homes are struggling with sick children?

Do you know how many homes are unable to educate their children, not to talk of feeding or clothing them?

Do you know what it takes to be a Father or Mother?

Do you know how many children are brutally ‘destroyed ‘ everyday? Either sold, murdered, raped, stolen and/or sodomized? Hacked to death or thrown away for money rituals?

Read the Word, read books, seek and gain knowledge.

Today, I speak healing and deliverance into your homes.

I decree and declare as a Prophetess with the power of the engrafted word of God, that every broken marriage be healed especially in the area of the ‘sex’ of a child.

May every unfriendly friend, evil unknowledgeable in-laws be silenced, exposed and disgraced forever in Jesus name, amen

DO NOT laugh nor gossip at any barren woman or sick, disabled or disadvantaged child again.

Do you know why you have not received what you pray for? It is because of the evil you have caused in another home, either through gossip, backbiting, scorn and the like.

Mothers and Fathers, the Lord said, seek His Face before you get married. Ask for your ordained spouse.

Do a ‘Turnaround’ today, in your mind, your soul and Spirit and see what God will do.

Ask and seek for Mercy.
Read Psalm 51.
Use the story of Job, Jacob and Apostle Peter to seek for Mercy.

This is the message from God to y’all.

May your New Week be great with outpouring of blessings from God in Jesus name, amen.

Peace be unto us all, amen
I remain, Your Sister in Christ Jesus, FTA

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