• Your Ego is not your Amigo

Ego is rooted in insecurity 

It is the root of most evil

Visited by man on man 

Your Ego is Intimate to you, 

It is the most destructive force in the world

Let your Ego go to go further in life

Your Ego walls you in Like a Lego fortress

It makes you high on your own hype

Egoli was not built by any Ego, 

you should think about that

It is good to lose your love handles

It is better to lose your bad habits

It is best to lose your ego 

Before you lose your self 

Ego interrupts intuition and robs your imagination

Ego is toxic, it kills all creativity around it

It feeds on itself and is a dead sea

Ego deafens your ears to counsel

Honest feedback is kiss of death to the Ego

It is cancer at the work place

Ego is your soul’s worst enemy and

has a strange relationship with happiness

The more Ego you lose, the less offence you take

The more wisdom you gain 

The happier you become

Many  will forgive a bruise to the head

But a bruise to their Ego is unforgiveable

They erect an Ego Wall 

Stonewalling all efforts at rapprochement


Travel light by not carrying a big Ego

Lose your Ego, don’t live for compliments

Instead live for accomplishments


Great things require some ego

How big is your Ego?


Pix credit- Burning man

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