Gossip dies when it hits a wise person’s ear because their ear wax is a Gossipcide.  

Gossip is a canker that seeks to destroy another person’s reputation.

It thrives in putrefied mouths of small minded people with odiferous characters. 

Commonest Mode of transmission: Mouth to Ear, from one Lilliputian Mind to a Manikin Mind

Little minds seek to drag others into the Mud of their Misery through rumor,  slander and gossip. To feel good about themselves, they concoct lies and stories about you and take offence at imagined provocation to cut you to size. 

Slander is slaughtered when tabled before a wise man. The wise man knows that when you slander someone before him today, you will slander him before someone else tomorrow.

If Gossip is the Devil’s Radio, the Gossiper is his On-Air-Personality and the idle mind is his Disc Jockey.

The tongue weighs practically nothing but so few people can hold it 

And if Gossip were Food, many people will be over weight

Therefore, before you speak Think..

“Gossip is a Killer/Destroyer. Kills faster than HIV and takes longer to heal because the truth takes it’s time to come to fore”.

Is it: True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind?


#NotoRumors #StopBackbiting #StopGossip #WatchyourTongue


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