Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother


The bible says honor thy father and thy mother so that thy days may be long…

In these days we see children of God honouring their “Fathers and Mothers in the Lord”  more than their natural biological parents.

DO NOT pay servitude (idolise) or give more to the man at the pulpit whilst you forget your heavenly Father, the Who created you and the universe and your earthly parents.

Nothing wrong in blessing God’s chosen vessels, but remember to take care of home before venturing out there. Hmmmm!!!

As you go to your places of worship today, DO NOT indulge in idle gossip or hypocrisy, manipulate and twist words in order to discredit another, but exalt each other by advising to the progress of another who are ignorant of some issues of life.

The man at the pulpit cannot do it all. People have forgotten the man/woman of God is human. It’s only by the Mercy and Grace of God.

Ye that has wisdom share to others so that they are not led astray by manipulative Men of God who want to be known, build edifices as temple of God, ride big cars by all means and therefore pretend to vomit fire or speak eloquently or to know the bible cover to cover.

Without God, through Jesus Christ, No Man can do anything. 

Ye that has blessings, gifts, A smile, funds  etc Share with others.

Our places of worship is not meant for one person to know it all but for us all as brethren in one accord (heart), to grow in Wisdom Knowledge and Understanding so that we are not ignorant of Our Maker who gave all, not Man but through Man ( different people in this walk of life)

My brothers and sisters, be wise. It’s almost towards the end of the year, our latter ‘extra blessed’ months 😉, be blessed by abiding in Jesus Christ’s (the Word) doctrine, with pure heart, NOT manmade doctrine.

Flee from all appearances of evil!

READ THE WORD OF GOD DAILY. You will have less errors in life especially the character and nature of human beings, Hmmmm 

I had errors, only my constant communication with God saved me. I have grown wiser and am still growing 😉👍

Happy Sunday 

Peace and Love 

Your Sister in Christ Jesus FTA

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