Kayaa girls as the name implies means Carrier girls who help people in carrying goods on their heads at the market for a pittance or token.
I met them during one of my visits to the local market in Accra with a lady friend of mine. We enquired of two of them, if they could follow us around and I was stunned at the impeccable English they spoke. I turned to look into their eyes and enquired further why they were not in school and understand whatever happened to them.
They explained they were from the Northern part of Ghana, Tamale and had travelled 12-14 hours to Accra to seek Kayaa work in a bid to raise funds to help with their school fees.
It is worth emulating as they did not get into prostitution but opted to work hard and make something good of their lives. This now made Balm of Joy Foundation to get involved with their education and also expose their plight to the public who thinks of them as reprobate girls with no future. However, one will be surprised at the educational level and attainment of some of them.
I believe they deserve respect and compassion whenever we all visit the market. Some of them are a diamond in the ruff.
Give unto these children to help through their education. There are some around your neighbourhood too that need your help.
 Pictures and video attached to convince you of giving back to the community no matter how small 
God bless you all
Peace and Love


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