There are 4 sides to every story not 2.

The one in your heart which is the truth if only you tell it to yourself

The one you say to other people

The one people believe they saw or heard or they know


The one people think and conjure up in their minds ( devious, manipulative, demonically arranged, with Love or envy n jealousy)

In order to be successful and live with integrity, in my walk on this life’s journey, I have realised it’s better to keep a small circle of friends to limit the circle of unfriendly friends and be careful who you share your aspirations, ambition and desires with lest you cast your pearls before swines  (Mt 7:6) and they trample viciously on them.

 Our lives are intertwined, yes and we cannot avoid most of the life issues we face but when you ask God through Jesus Christ for Wisdom which passes all understanding you will surely prevail and become great in all that you do.

 When people see you, they assume because they are facile in their opinion and judgement, but they never know the real you except the chosen ones. Even when they think they know and spread evil reports about you, your integrity, character stands and will speak for you no matter what overtime!

Be careful how you spread tales even at your places of worship. Our hearts are different with tales we spread. If it’s for viciousness or envy and jealousy it surely will come back to haunt some day because surely, one day the TRUTH will prevail.

You may think you are in authority (and as such we tend to believe the one at the top) and can do and undo, Hmmmmmmm 

Our God is a just God and He delivers His judgement swiftly. 

Watch your back, the days are dark and  it’s the last week of September!

Have a peaceful blessed week in Jesus mighty name amen

Peace and Love

Your Sister in Christ Jesus FTA

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