Our Values

Our Values

Building the essential need, either psychological or financially by ensuring that at least most village children are in school so that there is less ‘trouble’ in their lives and their homes. The self-funded charity organisation will also ensure that such child is a role model for other children in the society.

Achieving excellence at all times by providing educational materials for a school child in need.

Love all children in genuineness to deeply influence good behaviours, which exudes morals and dignity by each child so that he or she can think of himself or herself as part of the society without prejudice, by breaking barriers.

Major mechanisms like Games and Programs created by Balm Of Joy Foundation will impact every child to be interested in achieving excellence through a form of education.

Organise several role model personalities for the children to follow or emulate.

Follow through with everyone’s needs as much as the Foundation can allow.

Joy, Respect, Honesty, Innovation, Support, Versatility and Excellence is the essence of our service to humanity.

The ORGANISATIONAL structure of Balm Of Joy Foundation is such that every parent or child has easy access to make a request for an immediate need within the scope of the NGO’s capability of carrying out the requested task.

Young children need good influence and this is where Balm Of Joy Foundation comes in to boost positivity, courage, kindness and determination for each child.

Balm of Joy Foundation is a non-profit organization to support people worldwide and keep an eye in the future Support.

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