No one ever really prepares for flood. No one ever knows the extent of it’s damage to the human soul unless it has been experienced.

As if that was not enough, the country now has to worry about their economy,  as with every other country in the world. (

Pakistan has suffered under extremely heavy monsoon rains that started early this year — in mid-June. Multiple officials and experts have blamed the rains and resulting floodwaters on climate change. (ABC News)

As record floods submerge the country, Pakistanis came together and launch charity campaigns to help the victims (

Humanitarian Aid with Love, should never be a barrier to those in Need.
What we pray for during disaster, is Love, Care, Safety, Help, Support and Food from others.

Balm of Joy (Humanitarian) Foundation,, is donating food supplies through Faber Rabia Pasha, the Executive Director for Pakistan Alliance for Girls’ Education, Islamabad.

Kindly support others in your neighborhood.
Nothing is too small.
Let us Spread Love Without inhibitions.

Be safe as always 🙏
Peace and Love, FTA

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