Our chosen 25 children, from different schools, had a blast at the park.
Imagine, our parents wanted to be part of the play date 😛🤣🤣🤣
Thank you AT Evans for hosting the children at the playground.
Thank you for sharing our Balm of Joy (Humanitarian) Foundation school bags and exercise books at the end of the children’s play day.
Parents, caregivers, teachers etc let’s continue to support our children.
Let’s always boost their morales, not only brilliant students.
Not many can go to school immediately, however as they grow with the right support and Love, they will thrive in their own way.
No child is a dullard. It depends on how they are raised.
Please let’s spread Love, compassion and words of encouragement towards them.
God bless us with wisdom always, amen 🙏
Stay safe everyone
Peace and Love, FTA

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