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team, membersFunlayo ‘Tayo-Ajimoko is passionate about living a life of purpose devoted to higher ideals and the course of humanity. She is an avid believer in people and possibilities, and sees Africa as the epicentre of the world’s future.

She is the CEO of OAG-KONSTRUKT Ltd, a company involved in trade, commerce and business development. She studied business administration in the university and holds a Master’s Degree in the same discipline. She has over 12 years banking experience in the entire spectrum of the industry gained while working for Banks in Nigeria and has over 10 years’ experience in global business principles and practices having expatriated in 3 continents.  
She has a passion for the development of human capital and the improvement of the lot of the disenfranchised and disadvantaged specifically young orphans, widows, and school drop outs. She channels this passion through her Balm of Joy foundation, a private, self-funded charity.

She is a keen believer, team member and advocate for healthy living as a catalyst for growth and development of the human potential.  Funlayo ‘Tayo-Ajimoko is married to a petroleum engineer for 12years. She is a mother, a change agent and a woman of faith who beleives in helping to build churches.


Team, membersTayo Ajimoko is the Chief Well Engineer and CEO of Rhetort Ltd, a cutting edge consultancy that employs collective IQ and experiential knowledge for reducing cost, creating value and innovating solutions to problems in the extractive industry. With a strong technical and project management background spanning over 20 years in the oil and gas arena, he is a seasoned well engineer and performance improvement expert. His leadership qualities were honed while working for multinationals on projects in Nigeria, Ghana, Angola and Oman.


He is a Petroleum Engineering graduate of the University of Benin and holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from the University of Wales, with an MBA in view. He is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and the Project Management Institute (PMI). He has authored over a dozen white papers on such subjects as human capital, technology deployment, knowledge management, and innovation and performance improvement.

Tayo has over 10 technical papers to his credit, has been featured in the World Oil Magazine and has made technical presentations in conferences including the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) and Ghana Oil and Gas Summit. He blogs about Productivity, Motivation and Performance on LinkedIn and has an invitation-only blog and website, in the works to leverage collective intelligence for creating an oil and gas industry innovation eco-system.

He is passionate about the arts: painting, sculpture, literature, fashion and photography. He is an avid art collector and promoter and was a semi-finalist at the International Library of Poetry (ILP) amateur competition. He is the CEO and creative director of Zapha Rield Ltd, a company committed to developing and promoting contemporary African arts and has organized and curated several art exhibitions in Nigeria and Ghana. Through Balm of Joy Foundation, a charity he co-founded, he gives back to society. Tayo is a vital team member of the foundation and his imput into its progress has been phenomenal

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