The world is getting more evil for our children and if we don’t step in as parents and guardians, the children of true Christian Parents may be lost forever.

Have you asked yourself as parents about the movies that are produced for our children? For example Beauty and the Beast

How can a child go watch movie like that with a beast face?

Have you thought or asked your child after the movies what he or she thinks?

The child is excited and it stays in the mind that her beast will come and change to perfect human being at a later date and she will begin to talk to imaginary friends.

What we do not know is that some beasts come to visit these children and their souls are taken.

Bit by bit, this beast (demon) begins to grow as the child grows until it becomes Spirit Husband that will not let go.

Have you thought of the human-like dolls they play with?

To them, you are too busy and the solace they find is in their dolls or the care taker (whom you do not know of the evil intentions) with them.

Just take charge of your home before it’s too late. All the money career promotions will not help you to know the heart of these children who are yearning for the attention of their parents, not the money.

Parents, give extra time to your children that God gave you, they are for signs and wonders.

Lay your hands on them as they sleep, decree and declare God’s promises and blessings upon them. God answers.

Conduct deliverance prayers upon them yourself if you believe you truly worship our Lord Jesus Christ.

You only NEED the word of faith in your heart.

You don’t need Pastors and prophets to deliver your child. Before they are sick, He the Creator will reveal to you if you are in tune with him. You are the parent, you can do it.

You don’t need Altars to raise or seed to sow, just turn back to Jesus Christ and He the lover of children will do the rest.

Be led by the Holy Spirit at all times any direction He gives for your life to be made anew. He speaks to us in diverse ways, dreams, visions, revelations, that smallstill voice etc

Take care of your babies so that you can have peace at your old age

Hebrews 12:1 KJV

*Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us , and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,*

The cloud of witnesses shall not witness against me but in my favour, in Jesus name.

By the power of the Holy Ghost I lay aside every self-acquired/Satanic weight upon my life, in Jesus name.

By the power of the Holy Ghost I lay aside every easily besetting/personal sin, in Jesus name.

By the power of the Holy Ghost I shall continue to run with patience the race set before me, in Jesus name.

I shall not run my race using someone else’s clock, in Jesus name.

Lord Jesus come into the life of my children and teach me to raise them in the Godly way.

I rededicate my children in the name of Jesus by the power of the Holy Ghost.

Any evil demonic altar raised against my children crumble and burn to ashes in Jesus mighty name. 

Please read your Bible everyday. Get the children to memorise some passages.

Peace and Love

Your Sister in Christ Jesus FTA 

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