The Girl Child Support Initiative

On behalf of Balm of Joy (Humanitarian) Foundation, we wish to thank Commy Sings for carrying out one of the many programs for the less-privileged Girl Child program in the villages, for the year 2023.
As parents, we ought to start teaching our girl-child on character, mannerism, proper hygiene and cleanliness of the female genitals.
Our children in low income schools do not have much privilege to be educated about their personal hygiene hence our decision to visit them to distribute, and share the knowledge on the needed items for their use.
Our boys were not left out of this initiative.
They were introduced to the proper way of body wash.
Let’s reach out to these young ones in the villages. They need our Love and more visits.
God bless and protect all our children in Jesus name amen 🙏
Stay safe as always
Peace and Love, FTA

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