THE MOUNTAIN AND THE PRISONER (written by Tayo Ajimoko)

The Mountain & The Prisoner

Ignorance is a prison with invisible bars where the inmates dwell in blissful oblivion

Most life issues are wisdom problems & every difficulty is rooted in the mountain of ignorance

The mountain casts shadows that darken our paths & progress becomes a struggle

Daily we are confronted by mountains on multiple fronts, those of our biases & ignorance & they  cover the sunlight of our vision like a flying carpet

Wisdom is a defence & money is a defence  but the Excellency of knowledge is that wisdom gives life to them that have it

It follows that Knowledge is only a placebo for ignorance, it can neither be medicated nor educated. The world is filled with educated ignoramuses, poor geniuses & erudite fools

The solution to man’s ignorance is a discovery and an encounter with the truth. More so, in a post-truth world, where people’s conscience are seared & have been told to disbelieve what they see & dismiss what they hear

Conscience is an open wound only the truth can heal. The key to unlocking the prison of ignorance is the truth. The truth you know will set you free


Develop a relationship with wisdom & importantly get understanding, not from the news headline, SM, apps or google but from the word, the source of all truth


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