The Python Paradox

Foxes hunt in troops
Coyotes band together & wolves run in packs
Tigers ambush their prey when they troop around
Elephants charge as a herd & the pride is the strength of lions

A den of Snakes forms a knot
Defending against a troop or a herd is hard
Defeating an ambush, even harder

Have you seen Pythons working as a group to launch an offensive?
I guess not!
Because they form a knot, if they do

It is not difficult to untie a knot but try out-running a pack of wolves
Because snakes have not learnt to fight & hunt in groups
They make easier targets

Your success in life is hinged on your ability to get along & be along a group or a community

1 will chase 1,000,
2 two will crush 10,000
3-fold cord will withstand 100,000Lb force

To go fast, go alone (Independence)
To go far, go with others (Interdependence)
Alone you incubate ideas
To birth ideas, you must collaborate

The snake was called the wisest animal in the Garden of Eden
for its cunning & guile
Yet, it is defeated by the wisdom of crowds, the strength in unity & the power of numbers

It is dangerous to be wise in your own eyes & tune out your environment
Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes & clever in their own sight their end is woeful – It is the Paradox of the Python



Peace and Love amen
Your Sister in Christ Jesus FTA

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