Angels and Praises

The unseen realm is constantly described in the Bible as immediately present in our midst not as a distant reality but as a present one.

Angels exist to serve God in at least 5 ways Psalm 103:20,21:

To bless the Lord ( in worship and service)

To do His Word ( concerning activities on Earth)

To heed the voice of God’s words ( as if spoken through the saints on Earth)

To minister on God’s behalf (as described in Heb 1:14)

And lastly 

To do God’s pleasure (as His hosts are at His direction).

Therefore my brothers and sisters if God has given us power over every serpent and scorpion and to tread upon our enemies, why can’t we allow the angels of the living God to minister to our bidding during our praises?

DId you know that angels have been used since the creation of the Earth? During the time of Moses, they were summoned for assignments.

We are drawing nearer to the end of the year. Use your angels more, with hot praises to God through Jesus Christ is a divine direction.

Do you know if we use them more, Man will not have so much power over man? For all seek their own, not the things which are of Christ Jesus Phil2:21

Man should rather depend on God to send His angels (in human form) to Accede to our requests.

Remember Balam and Balak (the donkey that spoke to its master! Do you know the donkey was an angel?)

Do you also remember the angels that opened the prison doors for Apostle Peter, etc)

God will use His angels who will appear as man, do his work and move on to the next assignment.

Do not depend on Man. God will use Man for you. Philippians 3:2-3 Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of mutilation. For we are the circumcision who worship God in the spirit, rejoice in Christ Jesús and have no confidence in the flesh.

Allow the angels of God to appear who will bring answers from the throne of God, praying and giving praises in truth and supplication to your Creator after confession of deeply rooted sins.

Please be careful how you Pray and make requests.

God has His angels, so does Satan.

This is why confessing our sins to one another or to God Himself in truth makes it all different to know that God’s angels will minister to your every need.

The days and times are perilous indeed. It’s not time to sleep yet!!!


Our God is awesome, He will surely answer earnest prayers.

Read Psalm 37 (bible as a whole) to keep your heart intact because the Lord is able to analyse and sort out what lies within.

God bless and keep us all in Jesus mighty name amen.

Peace and Love 

Your Sister in Christ Jesus, FTA 

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